About Us

Timberwolf Forest Products has been designing and building ISPM15 IPPC CFIA heat treated export compliant wood crates for more than 20 years now.

From the smallest most intricate multi-compartment crates to large industrial export crates, we have been custom building to customers specifications for more than 20 years.

Our crates are not assembly line production, but rather skillfully crafted and unique to each shipping requirement.

With Timberwolf, you have choices!

We are a one stop solution provider. We can pre-build and ship crate(s) to you fully assembled.


We can pre-build your crates, then ship the crate to you "flat". Many of our customers prefer this method as it allows for easy placement of your shipped goods on the base, then the walls and top can be easily added after securing your shipment to the base. All of the crate parts are marked, holes are predrilled and screws are included. Most of our crates can be assembled within minutes.

We can also complete on site crating of your goods in addition to other special services including but not limited to; oil spray, vci, shrink wrap and barrier film.

All of our ISPM15 IPPC export compliant crates are issued with the appropriate export declaration, so you can rest assured that your wood shipping crate will meet all export requirements.

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